Saturday, October 31, 2009


Saturday we met some of our children, and a photographer, at Muller Park in Bountiful. The weather was chilly, but bearable. The tall Aspen trees swayed in the breeze, they beconed me, "come a little closer". The river was running very low as if to say, "please come sit on my rocks and enjoy this peace one more time. Which I did, as my 8 precious grandchildren ligned up across the bridge. As I looked at them all together my heart skipped a beat. I give thanks each day to be able to see this sight and to know that they are mine. There is history in the love that I feel for their parents. History that will be passed on to their children. It's important to me that the part of the story that I play is filled with imaganation and creativity, with a love of God and all his children, with endless devotion to family, and with purpose and meaning.


You all remember the little saying, "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is Silver and the Other is Gold. I grew up having that thought in my mind at a young age. I don't remember where I heard it from, but it seamed to always be on my mind. As I grew up I lived in the same place, same friends, same neighborhood, everything. I often wondered why that saying was planted so deeply in my mind.

When I married, at the age of 19, I quickly found a love of making where ever we lived into our home. I had many opportunities to recreate and redecorate. You see, school and work (and economizing) have allowed us to move 21 times.

I wouldn't trade any one of those moves for anything. You see, I have been making friends for 38 years. Some are old and some are new! Some are Silver and some are Gold! All of them have a special place in my heart. All of them have shared something of great worth with me - themselves.

I understand now why that little saying was planted so deeply in my heart. I have come to understand that the most important thing to me -- are the relationships I make with the people that cross my path. Weather it be, my family, my friends, or the women down the street. I am so blessed to be touched by so many.

As we approach this next month, the month of Thanksgiving, I pray that we will pause - and give thanks to our friends, weather they be Silver or Gold.


Do you believe the saying, "Time heals all wounds? I believe it's true. You see I have been so preoccupied with Halloween this year that I completely forgot about my sweet Casey Collett's, would have been, 31st birthday. It was October 14th. It just dawned on me yesterday. John and I were in Ogden and he drove to the Cemetary and said that he wanted to visit his daughter and wish her happy birthday. This is the first year I've forgotten.

31 years ago, she was born. Born with too many problems to live. Born with a strong spirit and a strong will. Born with the ability to indure everything that was passed to her. She was indeed a miracle. Her broken but always giving heart, kept beating until her parents were humbled enough, to recognize that the Lords Will, needed to be done in her behalf.

That little girl left an impact on alot of people. Especially me! My Daughter, I've missed so many special moments with her in this life - but - I look forward to a brighter day when I can touch her face - and - hear her say - Mamma

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday dear Dallin,

Birthday party for Dallin. We are all so happy for him. He's moving up North. He's going to live in Aunt Marcia's home while she is on her second mission.

Our party consisted of chili, breadstix, Nothing Bunt Cake and icecream. Cookies, non fat chex mix and total fat halloween mix. Presents, Baloons and family. Oh, and spider suckers.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Happy White (and in my case, black) Wednesday. This day is put on by Faded Charm and it is too much fun. Go to her site and see lots of other participants. I love doing this because I love the inspiration that comes to me when I'm focusing on a certain thing. In this case, white.

I took a good friend out for her birthday. We wanted to go to the University Mall where a particular store was. We get there and find out that the store has closed, Bummer. So we decide to walk the mall. My friend ask me if I wanted to go into the clothing store called White/Black. I haven't shopped for nice cloths for so long, I had no idea. The wheals were starting to chern, I've been sewing in black and white now for the last two weeks. So I'm thinking, hea, White Wednesday, it might be perfect.

Well, was I in for a treat. What a fantastic store. Can I say I loved it. I haven't been modivated by clothing for 23 years. I use to wear things like this. I use to design this style in my head and wonder why nobody had a store like this. Wow, life and I don't get along very well in the physical department right now. I've got some life style changing that's going to take place.

But -- I want to be able to shop in that store. I'm looking at these 2 very well dressed women behind the counter and I ask, can I take pictures. I'm thinking, all I can do is have pictures around me of how I use to look.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you these beautiful pieces of White/Black design.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Wednesday our family left for St. George for a last minute get-a-way. We actually got John to take 3 days off to be with us. We stayed in our home away from home, the Abby Inn. It was so much fun.

We swam and swam and swam. There is one picture where all but 2 of my grandchildren are by me. I got some good shots of the kids doing tricks in the pool. Wyatt, standing on his head in the water, Hannah doing a back bend into the water and Kacie flooting on her back. I couldn't take many pictures because I was the shark going after the wee fishes.

We all went to the Play "Annie", it was amazing and of course to a stake house for dinner. The Dog Father was a lunch stop.

All my children love to hike so that was a big event. One family went to the red cliffs of St. George and the other family went to Zions Parke. Not me mind you! I went antiquing at the Main Street Antiques and Urban Renewal. Oh, and I never miss TJ Max. Come back on White Wednesday to see the shops.

We had a little birthday celebration for John, he turned 60. His cake was a BYU football and fildgoal made out of cutcakes. We wanted him to relax and just be a kid again, so his gifts, consisted of, a gazoo, a twirlybird, a straw that starts in the drink and goes up and around the ears and the eyes then the mouth, a rubber tounqe that you put in your libs and blow.

I almost forget. I got a cool picture of Owen behind his bubble.

It was a great get-a-way.